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Thank you again for your kindness it will never be forgotten. Appreciate everything you guys did for me from the front office to George driving me home, most of all Ernie's big heart. Blessed to have found such a professional and caring shop to take care of my car.
My response to her:
Thank you for your very kind words, it truly means a lot to us! It was a pleasure working with you all. We pray that everything works out for the best for you guys! We know it's very difficult when someone gets in an accident and we do our very best to make that process better for everyone. We take a lot of pride in what we do! thank you for trusting us with your car, and if you ever need anything you know where we are.
Her response:
Yes it is very stressful but after meeting you both I felt at peace that the "car" is in the best hands and by people who truly care about other people and their situations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I cannot say enough about this place. I've had the misfortune of having my car hit four times in the past year. The first three times I went to the dealer from whom I bought the car for body work. The last time I went to Collision Service Center. The difference was night and day.

The work was finished exactly when they said it would be, which was a welcome change from my other experiences. Ernesto was exceedingly friendly and thorough to work with. And the girls up front, Nancy and Aurora, were not only cheerful, efficient, and helpful, but were also really knowledgeable about the repairs being made and the expectations I should have. They contacted me to let me know that the cost of my repairs was going to be slightly higher, and also contacted me when they found a way to lower my costs. In the end, I paid less than the original quote, and they took care of contacting the car rental company as well.

After my first visit, I got the distinct impression that this was a family-owned business--everyone I came in contact with seemed to have pride in what they were doing. When I picked up my car, Aurora told me that it was in fact a family business, and that they knew they needed to be better than the big dealers and shops. They definitely are. They took what had been a terrible experience (due to the crappy insurance company of the guy that hit me) and made it a pleasure. I wholeheartedly recommend them without qualification.

It's All in A Day's Work Here at CSC

Thank You All For the Kind Words!

First and foremost I want to apologize for such a late review. That said, I want to thank you Joe & Staff for taking SUCH great care of me.

For those of you reading this, I had an unforeseen accident and collided into a tree with my Thunderbird Convertible - my summer toy.

I didn't go through my insurance company, as my rates would skyrocket. That said, I researched reputable companies with excellent reviews and found Collision Service Center. Best decision I've made, EVER! Outstanding service! Superior quality! Impressive communication! My entire experience from beginning to end was PHENOMENAL.

My Thunderbird looks the same as I drove it off the showroom floor, absolutely stunning!

I will ALWAYS recommend Collision Service Center to anyone who needs repairs. Thank you all again for your superior service!

I will post before and after pictures with the week.

Thanks again!
Joy S.

Most importantly, the stress about "what if's" has been removed, because at Collision Service Center, the GoodWill comes 1st.

I'm in the Woodfield area and for years had been using a family owned business in Hanover Park for body work. On return of my previous auto after their last work, the battery cap was missing. My calls to ask about resolution of the problem were not returned. Fortunately, although 3 weeks past its Interstate warranty, Firestone provided a new battery. That car has been replaced by a new 2015 that has been collecting mishaps and rather than have it age into looking like a jalopy, I decided to get some work done. Having the garage door frame pull the cover off a side mirror helped in deciding to do it now. All the costs for repair of my collected concerns are under the deductible, so these would be out-of pocket costs. I went to YELP to check reviews and found the 9 (now 10) - 5 star ratings for Collision Service Center, and it being near to home, I headed out for them. 1st meeting Nancy, she attentively took the needed information, and seeing that I had the housing for the side mirror, she went to the car to attempt to reattach it. When the parts were not cooperating, she called on Joe. No problem, he was able to immediately attach it, no charge ~ CAN YOU BELIEVE? We then reviewed my other concerns, including a dent with a deeply gorged scratch obtained from an inconsiderate Costco shopper. Joe shared with me my options, from the customary costly fix of removing the door and its trim to paint, to simply applying touchup paint to lessen the noticibility, and who can touch it up better, and why. Don't you love having the options presented to you? I sure do, and due to the neighborly fixit contributions of Joe and Nancy, and our discusstion of options, Collision Service Center will be my GOTO.
Scott H

I've had a chance to look at the dent and paint repairs after I drove it off the premises today.
The dent and paint repairs: seamless and beautiful!
I feel I got a good price for the repairs as I wanted to pay out-of-pocket instead of going through my insurance.
Thanks for taking care of my baby, Joe.
The office staff were very nice, too.
Highly recommended!
Ashley D

After having my car for only a week, I was rear-ended and the guy that hit me sent me over to the shop because he knew the owners. I checked out a couple reviews and we decided to take a chance.

I'M SO GLAD WE DID, we just got the car back an hour ago, and it looks AMAZING. The owner Ernie fixed up a few other scratches we had as well for next to nothing. The girl who answers the phones was super sweet and answered all my questions when I called in.

We're so happy that we found this shop for our future needs. My Fiance is super picky when it comes to work being done to his car and said he's even going to take his Porsche in for some touch ups. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to fix up their baby.

By far one of the BEST customer service experiences I've had in a VERY long time. Both Joe (owner) and Nancy (Front Office) were exceptional. I stopped by this shop based on Yelp reviews for an estimate. I was paying out of pocket (versus going through insurance) and Joe explained in detail what he could do to keep the cost down. And, without asking, he lowered the quote once I made the appointment. When I picked up my car it was spotless and I found a handwritten thank you note in my car when I drove away. As another reviewer said it best...they turned a bad event into a positive experience. Highly recommended!
Chris B

A good friend of mine referred me to collision service center my friend had some work done there in the past, the receptionist Nancy was a complete pleasure to deal with. I was very impressed with the service that I received, you do not get this kind of service now days. When I got a phone call that the repairs on my Mercedes Benz were complete I was not sure what to expect, my car looked like nothing had ever happened to it. I am not one to write reviews very often but Collision service center impressed me so much I had to tell it to the world. I highly recommend anyone with any car make to try them out you won't be disappointed.

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